Wireart Paintings

City of Lovers


Elephant Silhouette

Moved Only by the Gentlest Whisper

A myriad of thoughts surround me, what secrets will they find Within the winding hidden paths of a curious moonlit mind

Watching, staring, slipping into deep and dreamfilled daze Worlds of seasons pass in neverending dizzy haze

Stillness and silence creep in and begin to take their hold Quietness steadily takes over while noise and songs grow cold

On soft butterfly breezes over seamless meadow lands Playing through dusty memories in timeless drifting sands

Searching through all times and ages I find it there at last The secret place I filled with tears and hid in days long past

Small seeds of hopeful prayer line the lake of tears below Perhaps one day I will return to find a small bright flower grow

This is the most delicate wire art painting that I have created so far. Both the framework and the detail in the tiny wire girl, her hair and her clothing are made entirely from 0.2 milimetre wire. Even after the face is completed it remains fragile and just a little pressure would alter its shape. As such creating this wire girl required a steady hand and, light pressure and careful control of the emerging shapes.

This emotional painting is done in a style that closely resembles my own pen drawings and can in a sense be seen as a ‘wire sketch’.

Poem and art by
Sarah Jansma

Lillies & Cherries

Fantasy Roses

African Sunset

Realistic Flowers on Canvas

The Mahlatse

Flight of Fantasy

When the Night Creeps In

The girl in this painting is fearful, lost, alone and anxious, not knowing what is about to happen and how it all will end. However although she cannot see it through the overwhelming emotions of the moment, her brave rescuer is already in pursuit.

This painting is created with more loose and rough brush strokes than most of my paintings and parts of the canvas are barely covered in order to help convey the disorganisation and disorientation of the girl’s frenetic experience in the wild and uncontrolled forest.

The thick black branches are completely three dimensional and stand out about an inch away from the canvas, surrounding the girl and reaching in towards her, ready to snatch her up. The tips of the ominous branches look like grabbing clawed hands.

Nature : Nurture


This painting displays the beauty of simplicity, appreciating nature and enjoying the small gifts in life

Sweet Scenes

Red Rocks

Blue Roses

Yellow Wildflowers


Red Sunflower




This painting is created to be reminiscent of Chinese watercolour paintings with the delicately coloured sparse background, the peachy pink hues, the bold black lines and the rich intense red and pink in the detail.

The cherry blossom tree is designed with lines that ebb and flow as if painted with a calligraphy brush.

The mood created in this painting is one of contemplation and longing. The girl is lost in thought, dreaming of a world yet to come.

Like a sunrise after a dark night, hope shines through the sadness in her heart.

At the Edge of Innocence

Standing on the edge of two worlds, this girl is filled with curiosity for what lies beyond her pretty pink princess childhood fairy-tales. Tentatively she reaches toward the setting sun and the darkness crouching just beneath the surface.

Compelled by destiny and a deep calling, she knows that beyond the perils that lie ahead in the depths of the night, she will awake in her true morning where the clear light of day will reveal her real happily ever after.

The wire girl’s body is partially three dimensional, however her arms and hands are completely three dimensional, allowing her to point out away from the canvas.

The girl’s face is approximately two and a half centimetres long and the hands are approximately one and a half centimetres which means that the detail is incredibly fine. The nails, for example, are barely two millimetres long.

The detail on the wall is created by threading various shades of brown and copper 0.25 millimentre wire in and out of the canvas. Thin green wire is carefully wrapped around the slightly thicker copper wire before twisting the vines into shape.

The vaguely defined wall blends with the colours of the sunset creating a limited colour palette. This, together with the stylised vines and the childlike pinks in the clothing and roses, make the scene somewhat surreal as if in a dream.

All the Small Things

Flower Scenes

A Whole New World

This girl is about to embark on an amazing adventure, embracing the freedom which she has dreamed of for the longest time. Her adventurous spirit is leading her out of the confines of her previous life to a place she never knew. She knows that she will never go back to where and who she used to be.

This girl’s curly black hair is created with significantly more than one hundred strands of 0.2milimentre wire. Each strand was individually carefully wrapped around a piece of thicker wire as if it were being wrapped around a curling iron. The thicker wire was then pulled out, leaving perfectly even pretty curls which were then gathered into this neat wire hairstyle.
Alternating strands of dark blue and silver wire in the clothing creates a beautiful light blue garment. The rich painted carpet bears an oriental wire design which seamlessly incorporates the decorative wire signature as can be seen in the full image above.