Intricate Wireart Paintings

You Inhabit My Dreams

Forest Moon

Spanish Dance

Don't Eat the Apples

This painting shows a parallel between Eve and Snow White, both of whom were caused to fall when they ate the apple. It is a comment on human behaviour, showing that all though the ages, all people face the same trials, temptations and choices and although we know the stories, we continue to fall for - literally - the oldest trick in the book.


I Am Unique

Through years of blood, sweat and tears our world has begun to come together in unity. As we grow towards the ideal of a truly unified world new questions and challenges arise as each individual searches to find their own place in their changing world. We are all equal, but are we all the same?

One in a Million

Some of us may fear that if we accept that we are all alike we may lose our individuality. We become afraid that we might disappear into the background and be lost in uniformity. Like the sunflower we may try to push against and rise above or stand apart from everyone else so that we can find significance in becoming the one in a million.

One of a Kind

Others of us find ourselves afraid to stand out. We feel as though our differences are something to be ashamed of and should be played down. Like a red sunflower in a garden of red flowers we try to be just like everybody else. Afraid to be seen as non-conforming, we blend in and become just another one a kind.

Unique equals

But like the sunflower in an arrangement of national flowers from around the world, our true individual beauty is found alongside other beautifully unique individuals. Rather than fading away, each one compliments the other, and so we find that we shine brightest not when striving to surpass others, but when we recognise our worth as unique equals.