My Story

Born in South Africa and currently residing in Ireland, Sarah Jansma is a self taught artist. While she enjoys exploring different mediums including paper art and pen designs, Sarah is predominantly a wire artist, creating unique, intricate and detailed wireart sculptures and wireart on oil canvas paintings.

Drawing inspiration from nature and dreams, each piece is filled with emotion, exploring themes of vulnerability, fragility, resilience, hope and strength. The style is natural with a touch of fantasy.

Sarah’s wireart techniques are unique and self taught. With no reference or pattern the process is intuitive, adaptive, fluid and exploratory.

This page features a range of artworks in various styles, from wireart gallery pieces to paper art flower tutorials.

Sarah designs bespoke wedding art pieces including beautiful wireart bouquets; striking wireart hairpieces and delicate wireart jewellery.

Contact Sarah Jansma Art for a consultation and quote for one of a kind wedding art designs created specially to compliment your unique wedding.

A myriad of thoughts surround me, what secrets will they find; Within the winding hidden paths of a curious moonlit mind